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Superior, Flexible-PowerFINS

Tested Safe Commercial Benefits

  • Surf, Lift & Fly, on waters, with your Watercraft, Vessel, Ship, including Seaplanes.
  • Superior Dynamic Stability with significantly-increased Performance and Economy,
  • Additional Lifting Capability, for additional Load Carrying capacity,
  • Much improved ride with best Shock Mitigation and with yet Sharper Turning ability,
  • More powerful, intense excitement on active and calm waters,
  • Safer and Superior Racing capabilities on Oceans lakes and rivers,
  • No more chine-walking nor risk of Flip-Overs or Tumbling over disasters, at real high speeds,
  • Permanent resale value added by installation of FlexiblePowerFINS on any and every existing hull,
  • Pride of ownership with enjoyment of use and comfort.
  • Special Defence Capabilities include: Extremely Stable Fighting Platform, at all speeds, Acoustic-Silencing and Surface-Signature Silencing, and very Effective Shock Mitigation, and much improved Strategic Maneuvering capabilities, at all speeds, and including yet new top speeds; and all these, for all and any size Watercraft, as small as boats or as large as Aircraft Carriers - plus also including large or small Seaplanes.

Our 6 feet (Seadoo) model, Test-Boat.

Our 12 feet model, Test-Boat.

Our 21 feet model, Test-Boat.

Our 18 feet long Tow-Tank model, of A Halifax class Naval Frigate.

Superior Hulls Inc. is a developer of Advanced Marine Hulls' Design, in the merging new art of Superior Surface-Effect Dynamics on top of the open calm and active aquatic-surface.

The successful research of these and other models, resulted with a product-line and a new hull design - where water and additional 'lubrication layers' can be added to any ship, vessel or boat. Also, designed is a special boat, a fast motor-sailor, which in its design created a new division in our private company.

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