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Our Discovery Based Inventions, include already developed and tested, new, original, advanced Design and a New Add-On Products-Line; (You can order now) it is available by contacting us directly by email for discussing our Specialized Consulting and the proper Installation Service, of our "FlexiblePowerFins"product-line and/or also our "Superior Hulls Design" - both are yet new innovations granting a commercial multi beneficial Upgrade for Existing Hulls of existing Boats, Vessels and Ships plus New Ship Construction and new Boats Manufacturing, benefits which includes these following listed here plus other few economic, strategic and sailing qualities listed in this page Commercial Benefits .

Here are the key new capabilities:

Lifting - Additional Lifting capability without loss of speed or fuel economy - actually a gain of speed below 10% is gained on fast boats and just over 20% on Displacement hulls!

Surfing - Forward Surfing of the Watercraft, from regaining power losses to the many known existing resistances to sailing on open waters, resistances this new apparatus virtually eliminates, a fact most people find difficult to accept as possible to achieve!

Surface Skimming - Safest Dynamic Stability for Flying on open active or calm waters with significantly more comfortable ride at higher, safer speeds, with much improved transportation or racing capabilities even the Offshore community does not have yet!!!

Reduced Surface and Acoustic Signatures, much improved Shock-Mitigation, Significant Power savings with higher more economic operating speeds, new top speed, impressive dynamic stability...

We also can help with consulting to new construction projects, of "Water Lubricated Hulls"; where we add "Superior Surface Effect" Capabilities to new construction projects!

Here I am showing an existing way for reducing resistance, and our invention is the extension of this wave forming and housing along the wetted undersurface of the hull, creating what I call "A Surfing Ship Capability".


Also, under construction, is: Our PLAN, to offer AUTOMATED COMPUTERIZED ENGINEERING & DESIGN for our business contacts. At this time, we only offer our Specialized Consulting Services, Proper Product Engineering and Proper Licensed Installation, by employing first direct e-mail and telephone as well as other business communications' standards.



This is a model of a Fast Displacement Hull of this Navy ship Halifax Patrol Frigate, tested in tow-tank at 29.88 knots = 3.284 m/s; where we found just under 21% real economic gain from created water lubrication. Please note, that you can not view in this picture the confidential undersurface installation, and the created apparatus which is like specialized bilge-keels with simply automated dynamic stabilizing and superior directional stability.

Please note: All sizes and types of marine crafts can greatly benefit from this new technology, as small and as big as we show here!

Naval Architects & Designers and Boats' Builders:

The "Continuous Lift Hull" technology is a yet kept as new trade secret design, already developed as a beneficial capability, and it is best news for new construction application. It also can be applied for upgrading any existing Mono or Multi Hull crafts, and is applied, by adding a pair of specialized mechanical fins to form a special flexible apparatus, overcoming the known skin and wake and wave making resistance forces plus the 'Hump Drag' for granting much more efficient dynamic directional flow with yet new beneficial and safe surface effect. The craft is upgraded to ride on a continuous horizontal plane over the crests of the waves which is just above the seaway where the craft would have been if it was not ( is not ) using the invented apparatus. The draft of the craft at rest is the same as before, and when the boat is under power, the actual draft is Less then if the fins were not installed; as the craft actually lifts and surfs or flies over the active and/or calm waters, and can also resist better the winds which can push the craft off its course without the improvement of this Technologic upgrade.

"Superior Hulls Inc." is set to help you incorporate all the beneficial advantages this new and simple to employ technology, and can offer initial computerized engineering services, now, so that you can incorporate the new technology into projects where your clients can benefit more economic commercial use of the vessels you are designing or improving at this time.

For this reason, I have committed "Superior Hulls Inc." to be setting up the hub for our expert computerized assistance for your company as part of our engineering services to all International Naval Architects, Designers, Manufacturers, New Construction, Research Facilities, Defense, Shipyards, or Shipping Fleet Owners... ... a 24 hour Global service basis worldwide.

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