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1974 - 1996--2018 Superior Hulls Inc. BC-Canada/USA/ISRAEL

SHInc."Superior Hulls Inc." is a small private company which like its sole owner, has no debts or any outstanding obligations, only much new wealth and some capital, and is operating yet with low cash flow for ongoing business development initiatives and operating expenses funded from small additional income, original investment fro personal love-investors and personal cash holdings.

This company owns other related, highly valued "Surface Skimming and Surfing" by advanced "Superior Surface-Effects" technologies including the "Continuous Lift Hulls" technology itself, useful for the most advanced surface-skimming capability anyone may have, years ahead of any competition; and also the conceptual design for Nomadic In-Cell Manufacturing of our special performance boat, manufactured by remotely controlled Intelligent Robotic Manufacturing plants. Advanced Manufacturing by "Superior Hulls Inc." and its shelved companies "Superior Products" and "USWEATT Technologies", the developer of the intelligent and automated Nomadic Manufacturing plants of our special performance flying sail and powerboat design.


PLEASE NOTE: We are targeting the existing billions of dollars market of water crafts which can now use the new additional fins, in order to travel faster and more economically with increased comfort of ride, plus adding longer life to the structure of the boat from reduced and eliminated pounding on water; all these benefits are gained by any craft vessel and ship which uses this new technology, saving at least 7% on fuel, and increasing up to and more then 20% of existing Top Speed performance of the craft, and also granting more pride of ownership. All these benefits, are included in this special technology that is very friendly to marine life on and in the marine environment and its ecology.


This is an invitation to our first planned commercial marketing initiative, where we are armed with our newly patented Technologic product-line, is named "Powerfins", and it is set to enter the Marine Transportation Industry with a highly beneficial and profitable product line of Flexible Hydrodynamic Fins, a yet new revolutionary advanced marine technology with impressive capabilities of granting Flying, surface-skimming, and surfing plus lifting technologies for any and all existing Watercrafts as well as new "Superior Hulls" design for new marine construction projects. This is an initiative to make the invented technology available to hundreds, thousands, and millions of clients; from potentially hundreds of millions and actual billions of clients available worldwide; by offering this fast and simple Marine Upgrade Installation, which is a highly beneficial upgrade to any and almost every existing hull, this; from the existing vast International market of marine Watercrafts of all sizes, represented by the billions of existing marine crafts of all sizes and shapes.


Thank you for your interest,

Sincerely yours,

Amnon M. Cohen President/ "SUPERIOR HULLS INC."


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